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Crack wep encryption of wireless network!!!

Cracking wep encryption is easily done using certain looping algorithms to crack combination passphrase of hexadecimals numbers.For cracking what you need is a virtual operating system (vmware work station) and linux os backtrack. After you get this just follow us:

1. Install vmware work station in your windows os.
2. open vmware work station from desktop and click create a new virtual machine.
3. click next and specify the path of backtrack.iso file by clicking browse button.
4. store it as a sigle file and allocate the hdd space for this virtual os.
5. on loading your backtrack 5 on the screen, you will be asked to enter the user and password. Enter root and toor as username and passowrd.
6. Enter startx to enter the graphical interface.
7. Now you are inside the backtrack desktop.
8. open the command(Terminal or Console) from your desktop and write the command by downloading the text file below:

                                           WEP HACKING CODES

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